Hello! Welcome to The Launch Pad site! I am Wayne, a person in long-term recovery!

I have worked at Launch Pad since the year 2000.  Since you have come to our site, I would image yourself or someone you love needs help. Take a few minutes and check our site out. Contact us today, if you think we may be a good fit. If you don’t contact us, please contact somewhere else today. If you think someone might have a problem, there is a 99% chance that they do…

There are many paths up the Mountain, as the saying goes! We value any path the leads up the mountain. Please let us be your guide, as you chose a program that is right for you or your loved one. Currently our nation has a serious problem with drug addiction and alcoholism. Don’t put off your decision to help yourself or your loved any longer.

At Launch Pad, we have served thousands of men and women with Substance Abuse Disorder.  We have tons of experience on what to do or not to do, if you or your loved one needs help. Launch Pad is a practical and cost-efficient Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that helps people make the transition from actively using to living a life of recovery!

A group, of like-minded rock stars, with my wife and I, opened the first Launch Pad house. We opened our first house to create an environment that fosters recovery and allows individuals to return to society, once restoring what was lost in their lives.  A life of Recovery! From our first house to a flourishing RCO with Admissions Experts and Certified Counseling Staff hosting Launch Pad and Community Groups. We are privileged to be a powerhouse of recovery servicing our community since literally the beginning of the new millennium!

Love & Respect,


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