A God of Our Own Understanding

Each of the 12-Step programs utilized by Launch Pad as programs of recovery are focused on developing a spiritual way of life. For some, this means rediscovering previous spiritual or religious teachings and understandings. For others, it’s a brand new idea that requires nurturing, the type of nurturing that the 12 steps provide. Clients are encouraged to find their spiritual path as they learn how the God of their understanding is doing for them what they cannot do for themselves.

A Spiritual Path All Your Own

At Launch Pad, we strongly encourage and readily facilitate the discovery of a personal spiritual path. In many cases, individuals enter Launch Pad as self-described agnostics or atheists, often thinking that it is only their own personal will that can save them from the pits of their addiction. Through the 12-step programs utilized by our organization, they can begin the process of tearing down the walls they may have built up around their concept of God and come to believe God has always been in their life, so long as they make the choice to seek him.

Each resident develops a personal understanding of God. It can be rooted in religious texts (such as the Bible, Torah, or Quran) or it can have its roots in the 12-step recovery program of their choice. Some clients choose to rediscover their previous faith and understanding of God, while others choose to completely redefine their understanding of God to better reflect their new understanding of themselves.

Regardless, Launch Pad ensures that this remains a personal process, and creates an environment for personal discovery of a God of their understanding. At Launch Pad, we understand the responsibility we have to make sure residents are able to explore their spiritual path personally, and it’s a responsibility that our Recovery Coaches do not take lightly. They work closely with each member to help them understand their own concept of God and are careful to not exhibit their own understanding of God as an undue influence of “how God is supposed to be.” Recovery Coaches will also work closely with family members to better understand the spiritual foundation that each client has when arriving at Launch Pad and to gain a better understanding of the sensitivities some families have regarding religion and spirituality.