Finding Our Fit with Others

Addiction is the all-consuming disease that forces the individual into a life of seclusion, even sometimes in a crowded room. Recovery aims to help the individual rediscover their social presence and find their unique voice again. To facilitate this personal discovery, Launch Pad provides structure and social stability in a caring environment of peers, clinical professionals and Recovery Coaches.

Integrating with Other Clients

After the new client adapts to the structured environment provided by Launch Pad and reinforced by Recovery Coaches, the normal day will include plenty of opportunity for discussion and camaraderie with recovering peers. Such monitored opportunities include education or employment, attendance and participation in a 12-step group, contact with a sponsor, communication and interaction with the individual’s personally developed network of clinicians, house meetings and other planned or spontaneous social outings.

Creating a New Comfort Zone

The prospect of person-to-person interaction may not appeal to addicts who have spent so much time removing themselves from society, however most residents find this a comfortable, but invisible, protection from an otherwise challenging emotional terrain. In this structured, socially conscious environment that is Launch Pad, many residents find the answers and solutions needed to discover their pathway to a new life.

Reintegrating with family and friends

It’s important to remember that clients are making a big step when they are leaving the Launch Pad recovery residence. They aren’t just leaving their “safe place,” they are reintroducing themselves to the sometimes chaotic world they came from. It can be full of peer pressure and external influences. The new way of life described by Launch Pad will allow clients to continue their growth. It provides a constant resource of new friends and family to contact when some times are harder than others. Our recovery coaches will work closely with each client and their family when they approach the date when they launch onto their new path. They will help everyone understand how best to facilitate this continued growth.