Relief from the Mental Obsession

Addiction is a cruel disease. It attacks the body, slowly killing the addict, and it attacks the mind, forcing the addict to want more. In the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholism is defined by two key characteristics:

  • A physical craving of the body (once alcohol has been consumed, the alcoholic cannot stop)
  • A mental compulsion (obsession) of the mind (agitated and discontent when the alcoholic is without a drink)

While this example comes from the primary text of Alcoholics Anonymous, it certainly applies to any type of drug or alcohol addiction. Many addicts believe that if they can just stop using or stop drinking, this will solve their problem. And while, yes, it will relieve the physical craving of the body, it does not solve what is possibly the most crucial part of the proposition: the obsession of the mind. We often find that those who simply stop using or drinking become “dry;” individuals who, in finding relief from the craving, have only served to intensify their mental obsession. It has been the case of countless of addicts that these people do not last long in their sobriety.

Another path, however, is available for the individual who wants to remove the obsession of the mind and live a life not fueled by the prospect of “the next score” or “the next drink.” A complete psychic change is required in order for clients to discover this. The path to this change is outlined in the 12-step programs and consistently reinforced by the Launch Pad Recovery Coaches and entire Launch Pad staff. It is at the heart of each 12-step program and the essence of recovery.

An Environment of Recovery

The Launch Pad environment is designed to provide a completely immersive recovery environment. It allows clients to explore their own mental and personal change while consistently interacting with a group of like-minded, recovery-focused people; the Launch Pad family. Creating this environment is a core principle of Launch Pad. Recovery Coaches and each of the house members work to maintain it. Describing the environment at Launch Pad just doesn’t do it justice. If you’re sincerely interested, just contact us or stop by to see it for yourself.