Verified, Inclusive Drug Testing

On occasion clients enter Launch Pad with preexisting legal obligations. We’re proud to offer reliable drug testing which is performed at Launch Pad, and confirmed and verified through laboratory contract. This sort of in-house service will allow clients to follow through with court-mandated drug tests in a timely manner.

Reliable and Verified

Court systems won’t accept many over-the-counter testing measures, and finding reliable drug testing from other companies can be expensive. At Launch Pad, we think you should spend your time with us focusing on your recovery rather than whether or not you have what is required for drug testing. That’s why we provide court-accepted drug testing methods on-site, and our tests are verified and confirmed through professional labs. Providing reliability and verification gives our clients peace of mind and allows them to stay focused on their individualized program of recovery


Launch Pad provides the structured lifestyle necessary for clients to follow their path to recovery and a new clean and sober life. Reinforcing this structure is our network of people, including clinical staff, intake professionals, recovery coaches and other Launch Pad clients. While the process of recovery is an individual effort, Launch Pad acts as a family-like support system to keep our clients accountable for their actions and on course with any court-ordered treatment or drug testing.

If you are considering sober living and have court-ordered drug testing requirements, contact Launch Pad today and learn more about our reliable in-house drug testing options. Together, we’ll follow the path to recovery.