Heal Your Soul & Your Body

Recovering from addiction requires a whole-body approach. In many cases, an addiction to drugs and alcohol can easily be replaced with an addiction to food or a sedentary lifestyle. This is even more likely when a program of physical recovery isn’t in place as well. While general health & wellness have always been one of the cornerstones in our comprehensive approach to recovery (one of the vital signs of recovery), the recent inclusion of Launch Pad Wellness helps to provide a formal platform for creating a program of physical recovery as well.

A Foundation of Self Care

In many cases, years of addiction and abuse have taken a significant physical toll on our bodies. These damages cannot be repaired immediately, but by creating a foundation of self care as the bedrock for future physical progress, we can start on a path of structured self maintenance. Cleanliness, a good diet and regular exercise are pivotal pieces of recovery from addiction. Recovery Coaches can work with you one-on-one to make sure you’re adhering to self-prescribed goals of self care, and will make sure that you are well fed, clean and fully physically prepared to move forward in recovery.

Physical Wellness as a form of Meditation

There are countless studies that mention the power of exercise and regular activity when it comes to relieving mental stress or burdens. Where some physical pains require rehabilitation to properly recover, often mental strain can be relieved with the same type of physical rehabilitation. Launch Pad offers a wide range of outlets for physical activity. Our Recovery Coaches can help in creating personalized health and wellness programs that are ideal for each client’s personal recovery.