Wellness & Whole-Body Recovery

Recovering from addiction is just as much physical as it is mental, spiritual and social. For some, physical activity helps to fill the empty time that was previously spent on addiction. For others, getting exercise helps to repair the damage done from years of abusing drugs and alcohol. Regardless of the reason, physical wellness is a vital part of the Launch Pad experience.

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Spiritual Healing through Physical Activity


It’s a proven fact; physical activity makes us feel better. When our heart rate increases, endorphins are released into the blood stream. This creates a natural exhilaration that doesn’t come with the depressive lows and hangovers often found in drugs and alcohol. Getting regular exercise gives the mind an opportunity to escape the stress of life and provides a better mind frame for working on recovery. Through the Launch Pad focus on wellness, residents enjoy regular exercise that’s personalized for their needs. Need a mental release from stress? Try yoga. Launch Pad can help ensure that you experience the restorative power of physical recovery to accompany your mental and spiritual recovery.