Launch Pad Admission

The first requirement, and the most important requirement for placement in a Launch Pad recovery residence, is an addiction or dependence on drug(s) or alcohol. If you're a placement professional or a clinical therapist, your client should sign a release form to allow communication. As previously noted, approved applications are contingent upon meeting financial requirements and the truthfulness of interview responses. Applicants should clearly and truthfully disclose any use, or interruption of use, of prescribed medication.

Applicants who might otherwise qualify but have conditions or circumstances that are likely to threaten the common welfare of other residents may not be accepted. Addicts/alcoholics with additional needs or challenges are welcomed, but we cannot fully provide mental, physical or emotional support in coping with problems other than addiction/alcoholism.

Convicted sex offenders are prohibited from residence in Launch Pads by local ordinance.

All Launch Pad members must continue to meet employment, financial and behavioral standards to advance through successively more liberal phases of monitoring.

The most common cause for declining admission to a prospective member is prescription drug dependence. Even if a legally prescribed medication is indicated for your client, its effects could be a threat to our primary mission. If impulse control is markedly compromised by any substance or condition; or ability to effectively control behavior depends on regular medication, a potential resident may be rejected.

To obtain copies of our general rules, visit the Policies & Rules page. For descriptions of the "stages" and materials describing the other elements and active principles of our program, contact us today or call (910) 632-2344.