Policies & Rules

Launch Pad Policies & Rules

The aim of Launch Pad is to create a safe environment for individuals who are serious about recovery to begin their path of sober lover living. In order to maintain this objective, certain rules are in place for clients. These rules are not only for the protection of other clients, they are designed to give individuals the best opportunity to recover. A full list of rules are available by contacting our offices, but here are responses to some of our most commonly asked questions about our house policies and rules


Approved applications are contingent upon meeting financial requirements and the truthfulness of interview responses. Applicants should clearly and truthfully disclose any use, or interruption of use, of prescribed medication.

Applicants who might otherwise qualify but have conditions or circumstances that are likely to threaten the common welfare of other residents may not be accepted.

Convicted sex offenders are prohibited from residence in New Life Launch Pads by local ordinance.


  • Residents mist attend at least one meeting (NA, AA, or CR) per day during their first 30 days of recovery. Regular attendance will be monitored as will attitude and behavior.
  • If willingness or participation in Launch Pad meetings and events appears lacking, the client will be counseled to more sincerely pursue recovery or find other accommodations
  • One-on-one social activities like dating, or leisurely wandering, are prohibited during the first 30 days
  • During the first 30 days, all residents must return to the house at 7 p.m., or have approval from the manager to be out. Final curfew is 11 p.m.
  • The agreements, rules, meetings, standard communications processes and monitored behaviors become life support systems for learning a new way of being.


  • Don't Drink or Use! Alcohol or Drug use can result in eviction.
  • Go to Meetings! 90 in 90
  • During the day, you should be working, looking for work, meeting with counselors, not sitting at the house.
  • Other general rules include TV use, phone use, laundry, and a guest policy
  • Breaking of the General Rules will result in fines ranging from $5 to $20

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