Who We Are

Get to know some of the key staff members that help make Launch Pad the foundation for successful recovery. These are just some of the incredible people who work together to help each client find their path to recovery and launch out on their new life, sober and clean.


Launch Pad Director

We at Launch Pad are experienced and knowledgeable in many facets of recovery, as well as the syndrome of addiction. We are constantly learning and teaching the best practices that have been found effective for individual recovery plans. We believe the best way to engage and sustain recovery is a holistic approach that involves psychological, biological, sociological and spiritual components. We encourage vocational and educational pursuits. Our goal is to support the individual resident with an environment balanced in consequences and privileges. Our staff models and promotes an engaged and vigilant recovery.

Andy Mann

Policy Development

Having been closely and extensively involved with 12-step support systems and service for over 30 years, I am pleased to be a part of the leading edge of Recovery Management strategy…the ‘New Life’ Launch Pad.

Joshua S., CSAC-I

Men's Signature Plan/Events Coordinator

“Enhancing the maturity of young men through a disciplined program of recovery, accountability and recreation.” Josh brings to Launch Pad personal skills as an accredited Chef with years of managerial responsibility. These life-skills add to his effectiveness in building camaraderie and friendship. To participate in an event he’s created is to experience a special, purposeful and emotional, sense of belonging.


Erica Forsythe

Admissions & Recovery Management, MS, E-RYT

Erica’s roots extend of OakHarbor, WA to New Orleans LA, as she moved with her military family and eventual career with the Department of Defense herself. After an extensive background rehabilitating active duty and wounded service members, her passion within the recovery field truly blossomed here in Wilmington with our organization.

“I am grateful every day to be able to live in a city that I can truly call home after years on the move. Today I have choices for myself, my family, and recovery. I cling to my memories of complete devastation and hopelessness brought about by my addiction because it gives me the ability to empathize with new comers and help them on their individual road to recovery.”


Cecily Boyd Herring, BSW

Recovery Coordinator & Counselor, BSW

After a leaving for a period of time to gain experience at an inpatient recovery hospital, Cecily is excited to return home to the Launch Pad family. Currently in her final year of the Masters of Social Work Program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she is working towards completing licensure as an LCSW and LCAS. A person in long term recovery, Cecily has been a part of the Wilmington recovery community since 2007. She is looking forward to working with Launch Pad residents and their families through the facilitation of group, individual and family therapy; special events; crisis management and more.


David Satterfield


The understanding and acceptance of a responsible lifestyle was imparted to me through the structure of Launch Pad. I now have the opportunity to serve the members of Launch Pad professionally and personally.


Stacey B

Stacey is from Northern Virginia and has a background in Sales and Management. In 2012 she moved to Wilmington at which time she became a resident in Launch Pad at our Sunnyvale house and has since remained sober and an active member in the Recovery community. Stacey started working in the office of Launch Pad in late 2012 as an Assistant and shortly after became the Admissions Coordinator which she managed for four years. At the beginning of 2017 she became the Operations Managers of Launch Pad in addition to assisting the Director wherever possible. Stacey resigned in 2018 from her full-time commitments with Launch Pad, but remains committed to the Launch Pad community. She currently assists part-time in our financial department. Aside from helping others Stacey enjoys every moment raising her 4 year old daughter, Briana.

"My gratitude for having lived the Launch Pad lifestyle gives me a real empathy with future residents, parents and treatment facility staff. It's great to be able to help the newcomer and put them at ease. Launch Pad and the recovery community in Wilmington have so much to offer.”



Meagan O.

Women's Program Supervisor/Serendipity House Manager

I was born and raised in Chatham VA. Despite being blessed with an amazing childhood, I found myself in the grips of addiction for many years. After trying to get and stay clean many times unsuccessfully I made my way to Wilmington with nothing more than the desire to never use again.

I have learned a new way of life here, one that had made me and my family proud. My new found passion is helping others understand and learn that our past does not define us. I am grateful to Launch Pad and all of the many things it has to offer. LP has given me a chance at life again.

"Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

Ben C.

Cape House Manager

I first moved into Launch Pad when I was 20 years old despite an overwhelming reluctance to do so. It was my first experience with Recovery or any sort of structured living environment and I had no desire to be involved with any of it. I had originally intended to stay in LP for 30 days, but fast forward three years later and I have no plans on leaving the LP community at any point in the near future. It is impossible to convey the benefits of my experience with Launch Pad over the course of these past few years. I struggled throughout my first year of seeking recovery in Wilmington, but there was never a doubt in my mind that The Launch Pad was where I needed to be. From the day I moved into Frat House as a new resident, to the day I moved back into Frat as Manager, I was met with unwavering friendship and love. Launch Pad’s Signature Program has continually evolved since I arrived in 2013 and I have found purpose in contributing wherever possible. Living in a house with 16 young men fresh in recovery is by no means an easy task, but the benefits outweigh any inconvenience you may imagine. The growth that LP fosters on an individual and community level is unparalleled. I would urge anyone struggling to remain in recovery to give LP a chance. I am forever grateful that I was led to Launch Pad and I look forward to the years that lie ahead.


Sedrick B.

13th Street House Manager

On August 25th, 2017 I arrived to Launch Pad determined to complete a one year transformation from a life that was out of control. Born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC I had always found serenity at the beach. So, I enrolled into a Cosmotology Instructor Program so I can further my career while in Recovery. With the help of Launch Pad's structured program I learned tools and spiritual principles that allows me to succeed in life.

After 9 months of recovery I was offered the Manager position at 13th Street and i am truly honored to give back that which was so freely given to me.


Rachel B.

Former Sunnyvale House Manager

After several failed attempts at achieving long term recovery, I arrived at Launch Pad in December of 2016 defeated and skeptical. Fortunately for me, what I found here was unlike any of my previous experiences. Hinesight is 20/20 and many of the missing components to my prior attempts were both readily available and easily accessible here at Launch Pad. I found that my willingness to embrace the Launch Pad lifestyle was all I needed for success here in this widespread recovery community. Where other programs offered either too much restriction, separating me from family and society, or too little restriction, allowing an easy path back into relapse and my old life, Launch Pad offered a structure level that was exactly what I needed. They helped me integrate into a new way of living by positively enabling the necessary changes for a better life.

Today I manage the women's Sunnyvale location. I am able to see my daughter every week and never miss an important event in her life. I am able to navigate the roles of motherhood, seek a stable career path, and focus on myself and recovery. All while being supported by a loving community that has become like family to me. Before I was full of despair and life had seemed daunting, bleak and unmanageable. Today I am filled by a sense of hope and confidence, that if I continue on this path, like so many others around me, I will have a safe and stable life 'beyond my wildest dreams'. I know this to be true... because it is already happening!