A Recovery Community

The Launch Pad is a 'full-service recovery community'. All Wilmington Launch Pad homes are within six miles of Wrightsville Beach, N.C. The Myrtle Beach, S.C. Launch Pads are within three blocks of the beaches there. In addition to our traditional program, Launch Pad also has a broad range of clinical services to better assist the individual needs of each client and provide a whole body and mind approach to each client's recovery.

Daily and evening 'Workshop' groups are amenities designed and provided for our residents. They are guided in their individual Recovery Plans. Everyone is coached to critique values and habits.

That is accomplished by rigorous, classic, 12-step study and attention each day. Additionally, all residents' life-style behaviors specifically relating to meeting/workshop participation, sponsor involvement, family and relationships, health, job or school, sense of commitment, personal goals and serenity. Those eight lifestyle characteristics are monitored as ‘vital signs’ of recovery.

Launch Pad house managers have a responsibility to support, assess and intervene as needed. All of our managers are trained in Basic Life Saving techniques and Naloxone administration. The Launch Pad has good, working relations with many reputable local employers, many of whom are alumni, pleased to give back by hiring newer Launch Pad members.

Recreational amenities include softball teams, basketball and volleyball courts, beach trips, camp-outs and recovery conventions.

Our Mission and Purpose

It is our mission and purpose to remind our residents of their own strengths, dreams and resources; and to provide the structure and support for realizing their goals.

Launch Pad members are quickly and purposefully empowered by the security of abstinence, humane life style-requirements and the esteem-building experience of peer support.

We use hard-and-fast rules to provide structure, along with the earned and monitored discretion of coaches and managers, to provide strong but flexible, humane but disciplined, conditions for our guests.

Wilmington Recovery

The relatively uncrowded local beaches, piers and marinas offer the healthy diversions of fishing, swimming and coastal living culture; along with bike trails and solitary seaside opportunities for quiet reflection and soul searching.

The recovering community of 12-step program participants here has been well established for over forty years and is second to none in matters of mature experience, strength and hope. The Ohio and New York AA communities in the East and the NA strength on the West Coast may be more established and securely entrenched; but the Wilmington per capita incidence of successfully recovering alcoholics/addicts very likely rivals or surpasses them.